BAFI1029: Risk Management assignment 代寫

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  • BAFI1029: Risk Management assignment 代寫

    Assignment-- BAFI1029: Risk Management
    Choose one of the following topics and write a critical essay, with the word limit of , excluding references.

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    · One inch margins
    · 12 point font - Double Spaced
    · Times New Roman or Arial font
    · The only acceptable referencing style is Harvard

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    1)      With special emphasis on credit information, discuss the importance of Basel III for the future of banking industry in Singapore.
    2)      Explain how the Credit Risk Capital Requirements has changed from Basel Acord to Basel II and later to Basel III. Include a discussion on the difference between standardized approach, the IRB approach and the advanced IRB approach.
    3)      Critically compare the implementation of Operational Risk Management from Basel Acord to Basel II and later to Basel III. Explain the difference between the basic indicator approach, standardized approach and advance measurement approach for calculating operational risk capital.

    BAFI1029: Risk Management assignment 代寫