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    Faculty of Business and Information Technology
    PROGRAMME:                        Bachelor of Information Technology
    COURSE NAME:                    IT5x84 - Programming
    ASSIGNMENT:                        Assignment 1
    TUTOR NAME:                        Premalatha Sampath
    DATE DUE:                             Milestone (M1) –  3rd March 2016 Midnight (Week 4)
    Milestone (M2) – 24th March 2016 Midnight (Week 7)
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    IT5x84 Programming                                                  
    Assignment 1
    RestaurantOrdering System


    Submission details
    Hardcopy submission
    • Sketches
    • Print out of the code and screenshots of each form
    Softcopy – Upload your assignment folder on Moodle on or before the due date. The folder should be zipped and then upload on Moodle.
    Due dates and times   
    This assignment is to be completed and delivered in 2 milestones. Each milestone has adelivery date.
    Milestone Topic Due Date/Time
    1 Using Loop/Lists/Menu/Structures & Arrays 3rd March 2016 Midnight(Week 4)
    2 Using OOPs 24th March 2016 Midnight(Week 7)
    Extensions will be granted to students who have a document with an acceptable reason for not completing the assessment by the specified due date. When applying for an extension please bring two completed extension application forms to the lecturer.
    This assignment is worth 30% of the total course and comprises of two milestones Milestone1 and Milestone2.
    Milestone Marks
    1 40
    2 60
    Total 100
    The assignment will be marked out of 100.A grade of 50% must be achieved to pass this course.
    There will be a 5% penalty on the marks obtained of 5% for every day late.
    Case Study: Restaurant ordering System
    Kai’sfood restaurants are well-known in the New Zealand food chain business and specialize in contemporary Kiwi food.The restaurant has a British heritage with a lively combination of European, Asian and Pacific influences. Kai’s food restaurants rapid growth in north and south island, urged the business owners to buildan application to managecustomers’ orders. The application should also support the restaurant employees to manage themenus in their restaurants. The application should allow input of customers’ orders and calculated the charge amount including GST.
    Your task is to write C# programming code for Kai’s food restaurants according to therequirements listed in Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 in the deliverables section.
    Milestone 1 – Using Loops/Lists/Menus/Structures and Arrays.
    In Milestone 1 with the use of loop, list, menu, arrays and structures your program should able to perform the following activities:
    1.     To enter details about the orders in the main form and the order number will be will be displayed when the user selects a control. If the order is not in the list, the program will display a message in the pop-menu as “unknown order”. 
    2.     The restaurant staff should be able to enter the  following:
    ·         Order number
    ·         Customer name
    ·         Order placed
    2.a: Your program should be able to perform the following activities as per the orders placed.
    ·         Cost of each dish
    ·         GST
    ·         Total cost (including GST)
    ·         Date/Time
    ·         Comments
    3.     Your program should be performing the following activities:
    ·         List all food items from the menu and their details in a separate form – Display form.
    ·         List all orders received on a particular day.
    ·         List the orders where the total cost is above $150.
    ·         Clear a form
    ·         Exit the form
    4.     Your program should also include the following features:
    ·         The program must have a graphic image on each form. This is to be the same image on all forms.
    ·         The program should have a proper menu. Menu items should be logically chosen.
    ·         The program must allow viewing all the order details as a list. This should be shown on a new form.
    ·         The program should allow getting print out of the report oforders received on a particular day.
    ·         The program should have meaningful tool tips to guide the novice user and shortcut keys for the experienced user. 
    ·         Provide shortcut keys for the proficient user. 
    ·         Validations have to be performed to all fields. Message boxes should be used for missing data.
     代寫 Bachelor of Information Technology
    Milestone 2:
    In this milestone, you are requested to extend the program from Milestone 1 to the OOPs concept of Classes and Objects.
    1.     Use anorder class.
    2.     Use a main form object to access order details.
    3.     Use another form that inherits from the main form where the details of new order can be entered.  This can be used at any time or when the user has entered an order numberif that member is not recognised by the program. 
    4.     Add a food item to the menu.
    5.     Update a food item from the menu.
    6.     Delete a food item from the menu.
    7.     The program should have a search feature to search a particular order and their details. The search function should be under particular order number or Customer name.
    8.     To locate the matching order in the array of orders you need to use a loop.
    9.     To locate the matching menu item in the array of menu you need to use a loop.
    10.  The program should be able to calculate the total cost including the GST of the order placed by a customer.
    11.  Validations should be applied to all fields. Message boxes should be used to alert the user for missing input and invalid input.

    Marking Schedule - Milestone 1
    Name:           ___________________________________
    Student ID:  ____________________________________
    Task Description Mark Marks Scored
    1 Usability of forms
    • Menu
    • Buttons
    • Shortcuts
    • Tool tips
    • Message boxes
    3 Design requirements met: including
    ·         Order form designed with appropriate controls
    ·         Add New Order form
    ·         List forms
    ·         Listing all Orders
    ·         List the orders where the total cost is above $150.
    ·         Total cost including GST
    4 Array declared and used correctly 2  
    5 Structures declared correctly 3  
    6 Total 40  
    Marking Schedule - Milestone2
    Name:           ___________________________________
    Student ID:  ___________________________________
    Task Description Mark Marks Scored
    1 Design requirements met: including
    1. Order Properties
    2. New Order form
    3. Update Order form
    4. Listing
    ·         Listing all order details
    ·         List the orders where the total cost is above $150.
    1. PrintForm – to connect to printer.
    2 Class declared and used correctly 5  
    3 Search performed correctly
    ·         Order number
    ·         Customer Name
    4 Coding standards/structure
    • Names/types
    • code comments
    • error catching is appropriate
    • quality (simple/readability/correct)
    5 Validations (requested on particular field) 10  
    6 Total 60