代寫 Modern European History, 1789 to 1914 HIST20069

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  • 代寫 Modern European History, 1789 to 1914 HIST20069

    Modern European History, 1789 to 1914
    Semester 1, 2016
    Guidelines for the lecture/tutorial journal
    The lecture or tutorial journal is due on Monday 28 March at 5 p.m.
    From the first four weeks, you may choose either:
    a) one lecture, or
    b) one tutorial session, or
    c) one lecture and one tutorial session of the same week.
    In your journal, you will reflect on one or maximum two key points that arose from the
    lecture and/or discussions in the tutorial. Briefly introduce the point you are discussing
    and then develop your own view on the matter.
    In your reflection, you may be guided by the following questions: why is this particular
    point worth debating? Which aspects of the issue have been discussed in the
    tutorial/lecture, and which would you consider worth studying in more detail and why?
    What is your understanding of the argument, what do you think are its strengths and
    weaknesses? Does the argument or concept convince you? Is it useful for historians, and if
    so, in which ways?
    This task is weighed at 10% and is designed to prepare you for the two principal
    assignments in this subject. The lecture/tutorial journal is assessed with regard to your
    ability to summarise and discuss one argument or theme in a concise, critical, and original
    Formal requirements
    Word length: given the short word length, essays between 400 and 600 words will be
    accepted (excluding footnotes). For any 1-100 words below or above this limit, 4 points
    will be deducted (see subject guide).
    Formatting: please double-space your text and, if necessary, use footnotes (e.g. if you
    refer to readings discussed in this week). You do not need to provide a bibliography.
    Please use a title that indicates which tutorial session and/or lecture your journal discusses.
    Lateness Penalty:
    The following penalty will apply to all work submitted after the due date without
    an extension:
    •  Ten per cent per day for up to five working days
    •  After five working days from the due date, assessment will not be
    If you are experiencing problems meeting these deadlines, please see your
    subject coordinator. 

    代寫 Modern European History, 1789 to 1914 HIST20069