墨爾本一個大學Diploma的 代寫1200的Assignment多少錢

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  • BCO302
    Assessment Item 4
    Research report
    20 %
    Due date:
    Friday Week 12
    Up to 1,800 words plus appendices
    Prepare the research report.
    Conduct the research, documenting
    activities and findings as you proceed.
    Analyse the data collected and write the
    report including summary of method of
    data collected, analysis performed,
    findings, conclusions and
    recommendations. Include any tables of
    data, the final literature review and any
    other relevant material as appendices.
    Prepare the report using Word
    Assessment criteria:
    Refer to the assessment rubric
    Aim/objective of this project:
    This assessment requires students to write a research report on their research project.
    Assessment tasks for preparation of the final report
    1. Develop a provisional table of contents. This table of contents can be filled in as your
    research (outlined in the proposal). The table of contents can be altered and adjusted as
    you find new information.
    2. Review the proposal and the literature review (with any additional data obtained from
    the review since the completion of Task 2 and 3) and ensure that all stages of the
    research as defined in the proposal have been completed, specifically: if you do not have 8-
    10 professional journal articles as part of your earlier assignments, add them to this review.
    3. Conduct additional “desk-top” research except. Instead of using professional articles, use
    “gray literature.” Gray literature would include internet, wiki, non-professionally reviewed
    articles, newspapers, websites, and other non-peer reviewed articles, blogs and other web
    a) All required data has been collected in the manner described in the proposal;
    b) Analysis of the data has been completed;
    c) Conclusions and findings have been drawn from the analysis;
    d) Recommendations have been framed;
    e) Describe ethical issues of providing information from ‘gray literature’ vs. professional peer
    reviewed journal articles.
    4. Bring all the above together to form a comprehensive and comprehensible research
    report, which demonstrates how the objectives have been met by implementing the
    methodology as defined in the proposal.
    Compare and contrast the findings from professional journal articles with other data collected
    on the web through your desktop research. Is the information on the web supported by
    multiple other professional references?
    Which information is more substantiated and reliable and can be more supported via
    vigorous cross examination? Is information on the web broadly reliable compared to
    professional studies? What information on the web is reliable and what is not? What is the
    difference and purpose of research and journalism? What is the difference between fact vs.
    Which information is easier to read? Which information is more current? Does being more
    current make it more accurate and reliable? Is the age of the information or articles
    important in doing research? Is old information better, or is new better, or is important to
    have a blend or mix of each?
    5. Ensure that chapter headings, with appropriate content exist for:
    a) An executive summary;
    b) The topic and research questions/objectives derived from it;
    c) A description of the methodology employed.
    d) A summary of the data collected;
    e) The results of the analysis, including the findings and conclusions;
    f) The recommendations on how you will proceed with future research assignments.
    g) Appendices, including the literature review summary.
    6. Write-up the final proposal using Word and submit for evaluation.
    What is the purpose of a newspaper article as it relates to you topic? Is it purpose to deliver
    accurate news or sell newspapers? Is it conclusive information or is it an editor’s
    comments? Compare this with the purpose of and empirical study published in a
    professional science or business journal.
    What is the purpose of a company website? Is it to provide the reader with the most
    accurate information available on the company and to expose management errors and
    company problems or is it a form of advertisement or business promotions?
    What is the purpose of a study to be published in professional journal? How difficult is it to
    get an article published in professional journal vs. publishing in an online format?
    Where do I find these types of articles? Summons and Google Scholar would be excellent
    You will need a minimum of 8 professional journal articles with 8-10 as the goal for
    this assessment.
    Do not forget to “cite” any images, tables or charts that you used in the paper. Follow
    CDU Harvard Reference Style Guide for in text citations and references.